Anastasatos’ Conjecture

I got an email message from Basileios Anastasatos, a computer science student at the University of Saarland with an interesting conjecture. Erdos liked to quote Renyi’s maxim: “A mathematician is a machine for converting coffee into theorems.” In German this would sound: Ein Mathematiker ist eine Maschine, die Kaffee in Satze verwandelt.” This version hides a wonderful pun, which made Anastasatos conjecture that Renyi formulated his maxim in German. Satz=Kaffeesatz is the coffee residue left at the bottom of your cup, and the word “zacc” has the same meaning in Hungarian. On the other hand, Satz=Lehrsatz simply means theorem. But not in Hungarian, unfortunately.

I am afraid that the Anastasatos conjecture is false. Most likely, Renyi formulated his maxim in Hungarian. He and Erdos would have been very proud and happy to discover this lucky coincidence. Both of them, not to mention Paul Turan, just loved wordplays.

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On the pulpit: Listen to me!

My name is Janos Pach. Who are you? Can I say whatever I wish?

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